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Advantages of working with a male massage therapist

Given the choice between a male and female massage therapist with similar skills, most people will choose to go to a female.  Have you have ever thought about getting a massage from a male?  There are some benefits that you may not have considered, so give these ideas some thought.  There are exceptions to the generalizations I discuss.

My main point here is this – don’t let the gender of the therapist be the deciding factor of whom you get your massage from.

Men and women go to the same schools and get the same education, go through the same licensing procedure, and must obey the same laws and ethical principles.  Their skills, not gender, will determine the quality of massage you get.

Some people prefer male therapists, thinking they may be stronger.

When I talk to people about their massage experience at other places, the top complaint is that the therapist did not use enough pressure.  They left feeling like they did not get enough out of their massage when it was over.

If you take an average man and woman, generally the man is stronger.  There are techniques for using more pressure when needed that anyone can use, and I have had great massages from women who don’t appear to be very strong.  Strength lets me use a firmer pressure that feels like a regular massage movement, and not like digging in with an elbow.

I also have touch as well as strength.  Just because I can use a lot of pressure does not mean I will on every part of your body all of the time.  I will use the pressure necessary to help you.  You should not be in pain during your massage and be sore for days after.

Some people prefer male therapists, thinking they understand pain from activity.

Yes generally, men do more physical things.   We move furniture and refrigerators.  We shovel snow, dig holes, chop firewood, carry heavy things, play basketball, and other very strenuous activities.  This is not to say that women cannot or should not do any of these, but men usually do these activities or jobs more.

If you are sore from something like this, I have a good understanding of how you feel.  I have had these sore spot in my lower back and body so I know what feels good and what will help it. Get it rubbed OUT! 

Of course, Women have issues with certain types of muscle discomfort and body pains from pregnancy, working on the Job , family life and stress.  I can give an assessment, talk about your issues but since I haven’t experienced all of it,  I can’t completely understand but I try to feel your pain and help with that.   Also as a licensed massage therapist, I am familiar with these issues from research in the massage health industry. 

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